Seronera Crocodile Farm


Jeremy Wostenholm

Our hothouse is a controlled environment for the rearing of hatchling crocodiles. There is always a high level of humidity and the temperature constant at approx. 32 degrees Celsius.


­The level of corrosion on the steelwork was considerable, and in earlier years we struggled with various paints. Eventually the corrosion began to do serious damage.


At that point [SelfCoat] entered the picture. The entire roof was removed. All I-beams and purlins were sandblasted, painted with Self-Coat Metal-Treat and one coat of Self-Coat colour paint.


Four years down the line the paintwork is still perfect, the corrosion is completely under control and my problems are solved.


Anybody who needs paintwork of quality and endurance can certainly look to SelfCoat for excellent results and I strongly recommend their experience in this field as that of the best.

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