Body Corporate Beheerliggaam

"I would like to congratulate you with the quality of your products."

Hebron Farm

"I strongly recommend the use of this product to any person who intends painting."

Mpumalanga Province Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport

"The following are the important qualities of Self-Coat I have come to respect: - Durability - Economy - Flexibility as it can be used on any surface - Ease with which it is applied - Healthy - Availability of colours and colourfastness It seems like Self-Coat can solve any problem."

Rustenburg Local Municipality

"well known brands are eight times less effective than your product in tests done over a period of one year"

Seronera Crocodile Farm

"Anybody who needs paintwork of quality and endurance can certainly look to SelfCoat for excellent results."

Waterfall Farm

"This is an amazing product."